Oh My Word, I am so happy you are here….


I am a cancer survivor and I promised that I would spend the rest of my life educating others about prevention, health and fitness. I am your “go to” person for breast cancer as well as health and wellness. I know what to use for products, and why we need to live a certain way and I want to be your resource so join me. I look forward to building a healthier and happier life together.

Vitamin C Party

We live in a world of constant connection through social    media, yet we are missing out on something HUGE –                 Vitamin C.  It’s not a pill you swallow or a fruit you eat.          Instead, I’m a lifestyle and a way of being.  It what we are         craving more of and definitely need a good dose of too. Whether you come for bountiful health or business      wisdom, this wonderful gathering is the cornerstone to any vibrant lifestyle

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Doesn't matter the season, you always need Vitamin C (Party)!

It’s here!!!!  Can you smell it, can you feel it?  It’s the next season.  No, I’m not talking about Fall (even though that is one of my favorite seasons), or pumpkin latte season or the dreaded flu season.  See, what I am talking about is another season – life seasons!…

Oh My Word...

OH…MY…WORD….I FINALLY pulled the trigger and took everyone’s advice and started a website/blog.