Oh My Word...

OH…MY…WORD….I FINALLY pulled the trigger and took everyone’s advice and started a website/blog.  I knew that I wanted to do this for quite some time, but if you know me, I’m all over the board.  Seriously…a blog is the last thing I needed to add to my plate.  Or, maybe it really should have been the first thing.

In order to have a site I needed to come up with a name.  This is where I kept getting stuck.  Do I want something with the word cancer in it?  Nope….not feeling it.   Just my name….like Oprah, Cher, Prince…..nah….not feeling that either.  I kept going over and over….and over and over ….and nothing was coming to me.  And then about a week ago, it came to me after attending the most A-MAZING transformational retreats lead by Nathan Seaward (don’t worry I will post about him) at my BFF beautiful farm house in Georgia (and I will post about her too!)    It had to be called by my trademark saying…”OH MY WORD”.

And so it begins….Oh my word….I really cannot believe I’m doing this !  I have promised myself that I won’t get all into it has to be “perfect” mode (which i have been very known to do). Instead, I’m just going with it!

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