Doesn't matter the season, you always need Vitamin C (Party)!

It’s here!!!!  Can you smell it, can you feel it?  It’s the next season.  No, I’m not talking about Fall (even though that is one of my favorite seasons), or pumpkin latte season or the dreaded flu season.  See, what I am talking about is another season – life seasons!

We all go through seasons.  Some seems long, lonely and we wonder if they will ever end.  Some are so quick that if we blink it will be over with.  Personally, I am in a new season right now.  I have had so many different seasons – probably some of them you can relate to….

….toddlerhood season!

….finding the new norm after cancer!

…..SAHM and now figuring out “what’s next”!

…..marriage rollercoaster! 

And here is what i have learned, it doesn’t matter the season.  We all need a good dose VITAMIN C!  I’m not taking about taking a pill or drinking a glass of o.j. 

I am talking about…. COMMUNITY, CONNECTION, CONVERSATION!  And then sprinkle in some CLARITY, CREATE CHANGE and don’t forget to self CARE! 

And this, my friend, is what you will get when you come to my Vitamin C Parties!  Oh my word, like who doesn’t love a party  – it’s time to CELEBRATE life and what it all has to offer us.

Who is this for? If you are a woman and is wanting more out of life!!  

This was created all because of my season of cancer.  I realized that I have one chance at this life and I want to make it be the best!  What started off as a group of ladies around my kitchen island,  has now turned into movement!  A time for real conversation, a time for clarity, a place for community and lessons on how  to collaborate and lift each other up! 

The ladies who have come to these have said they have been life changing.  We have been able to work together to learn to support one another, to offer up solutions, to realize that we aren’t alone on the different seasons of life.

I am so excited to be leading these parties.  Over the past 8 years, I have spent a lot of time working on myself through wellness, personal development, businesses, coaching courses, personal coaches, mastermind groups, etc.  I am wanting to share the tools and knowledge that I have gained with other ladies, I want to highlight other women and their skills/serves, and I want to know that you are not alone. 

Are you ready to Party?!!  Then let’s get your dose of Vitamin C!


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