Testimonials Page

Naomi is a masterful connector and the way the world should be. Her heart is always in the right place as she is building her health and wellness empire! Naomi connects in the most genuine way with every person she meets. She has a passion for learning about people and new things.  She is curious, compassionate, brilliant, beautiful (inside and out), deeply loving and light-hearted yet funny at the same time. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and well-being.  She can get you on a gorgeous trajectory towards optimal health- I cannot recommend taking her health advice enough! This woman knows what she is talking about!

— Holly Couch

Life Coach & founder of Soul Purpose of Giving

Naomi is definitely everyone’s biggest cheerleader.  When I was just getting GoFit Dining up and running, she was there to support and encourage me throughout the process.  She’s such a blessing and I have so much respect for her and the work she is doing.  Her hard word and passion inspires me to keep on going when the times are tough.  I’m so grateful for all your help along the way and the example you set as a strong business woman! 

— Marissa Yovetich

Owner & Founder GoFit Dining LLC

Naomi is one of those amazing people who lights up at the prospect of helping others. Her ability to bring people together is a true gift. Through Vitamin C she has created a unique community that builds women up, supports them, and gives them a place to change their mindset and open up new doors of possibility. It’s been such a good place for me as I have started a new vocation and am transitioning back to the working world after staying home with my kids. I love it!

— Emily John

Owner of Emily John Photography

The first time that I reached out to Naomi, I was struggling with hormone imbalance and really horrible acne in my upper twenties. I was very frustrated, felt all alone, and didn’t really find a medical professional that took me seriously. After talking with Naomi, she made me feel more at ease with myself and explain to me that the stress of not loving myself was probably causing a lot of my skin issues. She gave me some advice on my diet, supplements, and advised me to take time for myself everyday to say out loud that I love myself. I started working out everyday to burn off stress and under her advice, filled my workout room with Post-its of affirmation for myself. I read them out loud as I work out to give myself positive talk. She also introduced me to the Protandim supplements which have been a huge game-changer for me. I have noticed improvements in my mood, my sex drive, and my general anxiety level has decreased. I have Naomi to thank for my positive changes since she was the one who introduced me to new possibilities. She’s always answered my questions, and been an ear of support. Even when she isn’t charging for this! She’s one of a kind

— Alyssa Pilgram

Stay at Home Mom

Being part of a Vitamin C Party is so welcoming and comfortable.  The women I met in the group are real and open.  I cannot believe the healing that happened during our time together.  Taking time to be part of this group is well worth it.

— Angie Krautbauer

Yoga Instructor

I received an amazing “welcome to the club” call from you right after my diagnosis.  You were the first survivor I had ever spoken with.  I loved that you shard your story with me and so much valuable information.  I followed all your advice on doctors (and was thrilled that I did) and felt hope that I could find my way through this.  You gave me an incredible gift that day.  I will never forget your kindness.  What you do and who you are makes a difference!


Breast Cancer Survivor

Your perspective was so valuable to me as I processed my diagnosis.  The information you shared really helped validate my treatment direction and encouraged me to join this amazing movement we are helping lead in the growing health and wellness sector called nutrigenomics.


Breast Cancer Survivor

As a friend of a friend, you were my lifeline when I first got diagnosed.  Plus, now you are my go to for nutritional advice!  Thank you!


Breast Cancer Survivor