Are you getting your dose of “Vitamin C” these days?

And I’m not talking about taking a pill or drinking your orange juice.   I am talking about the vitamin C that all of us need, but don’t get enough of………CONNECTION, COMMUNITY, CONVERSATION, COLLABORATION, CLARITY, CASH and all the other great positive “C” words that bring us CHEER! 

“Naomi is one of those amazing people who lights up at the prospect of helping others. Her ability to bring people together is a true gift. Through Vitamin C she has created a unique community that builds women up, supports them, and gives them a place to change their mindset and open up new doors of possibility. It’s been such a good place for me as I have started a new vocation and am transitioning back to the working world after staying home with my kids. I love it!” 

Emily John – Emily John Photography

We all know that when we feel good, we do good.  

I am known to be masterful in certain areas in life and am ready to bring together a group of  women to help them surpass their upper limit of thinking and be the best version of themselves in motherhood, business, wellness, relationships, and self-care.
If you are craving a dose of Vitamin C – Community, Conversations (real raw ones), Collaboration, Connections and less of the Comparison, Competition and Cattiness, this is your group!
I have developed a monthly program to bring together topics that are so important to all of us and help us work in community together, to collaborate, to connect on a personal level and have real conversations.  Plus, I want to help women make more cash in their lives through developing strength in their current business or bringing their ideas to life.  And as a cancer survivor, I am PASSIONATE about giving ladies tools to live the fullest life possible AND to live a preventative life because it’s more than just what we put in and on our body’s.  
If you are wanting to CREATE CHANGE, have CLARITY, and want a toolbox full of “life tools” you will want to join this party!
Cost: $45/per party
Where: ModernWell
Dates: Friday, January 24
Times: 9-11 a.m.
Bonus:  Webinar with experts, private social media groups, accountability partners, guest speakers and private coffee chat with Naomi!